A Statement of Solidarity

A Message of Solidarity from Steppingstone and NPEA

Dear Steppingstone and NPEA Friends,

Steppingstone and the National Partnership for Educational Access are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We condemn all forms of racism and seek to dismantle the societal conditions and structures that perpetuate race-based harassment, violence, and hate.

We are heartbroken and outraged by the increase in violence towards the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities, following a year of xenophobic rhetoric and racist attacks amidst the pandemic.


“…our commitment to fighting racism and dismantling systems of inequity is constant…”

Steppingstone is a vital and diverse community, comprised of Scholars, families, staff, faculty, partners, supporters, and members of NPEA, and we rely on each other to ensure that our community thrives.  We deeply value the members of our community who are of Pacific Islander and Asian-American heritage and are committed to providing support to Scholars, their families, and our staff over the coming days by creating opportunities to discuss what has happened, to grieve together, educate ourselves, and to take care of each other.

America’s long history of persecution against the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities and the recent rise of ignorance and violence starkly remind us that we all have a part in rejecting hate, bullying, and racism. Such behaviors harm everyone — those targeted, the bystanders, and the greater community. On behalf of Steppingstone and NPEA, we want you to know our commitment to fighting racism and dismantling systems of inequity is constant, as is our dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive community that honors the essential value of every individual.