Board of Directors

Steppingstone is fortunate to be led by a Board of Directors with deep expertise in philanthropy, governance, and organizational effectiveness. Our directors come from diverse professional backgrounds, and they share a passion for our mission to prepare and support more students from historically marginalized communities seeking a proven pathway to college graduation. Meet the board.



Board of Ambassadors

Members of the Board of Ambassadors increase awareness of and support for The Steppingstone Foundation. They serve as representatives of Steppingstone to the greater Boston community, generating enthusiasm and assisting our fundraising efforts. Meet our ambassadors.



Board of Advisors

Steppingstone benefits from the expertise and advice of some of the leading thinkers and practitioners in the fields of education, college access, and philanthropy. Meet our advisors.




Board of Young Professionals

The Steppingstone Foundation’s Board of Young Professionals (BYP) engages individuals in their 20s and 30s representing a variety of career fields to support Steppingstone’s mission of college success for students from historically marginalized communities. Members of the BYP are committed to advancing the efforts of Steppingstone through volunteering, fundraising, mentoring Scholars, and networking. Meet the BYP.