Alumni Career Representatives

Steppingstone’s Alumni network is a great resource for Scholars and Alumni who’d like to learn more about starting a career in a certain field. If you’d like to reach out to any of the Alumni listed below to discuss your career path, please contact Lee Englert at



Kousha Bautista-Saeyn ’98 
Founder and Managing Director
Long Trail Leadership, LLC

Donavan Brown ’95
Assistant Vice President
Brown Brothers Harriman & Company

Max Clermont ’01
Political Consultant
270 Strategies

Marcus Haymon ’95
International Development and
Management Consultant
Dalberg Global Development Advisors

Jide Iruka ’98
Marketing Brand Manager
JG Black Book of Travel

Cindy Nguy ’97
MBA Candidate
UCLA Anderson School of Management


Science, Technology,

Engineering, Math,

and Medicine

Ifeanyi Anidi ’96
MD/PhD Candidate
Johns Hopkins University

Luana Bessa ’97
Licensed Psychologist
Commonwealth Psychology Associates

Anicka Samuel ’03
Research Assistant
Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Carol Woods ’00
Research Associate
Louisiana Cancer Research Center


Jennifer Pierre ’01
Associate, Health and Human/Disability
Rights Division
Human Rights Watch

Ngoc-Tran Vu ’00
Community Advocate/IPA-Navigator
Mekong NYC


Martina Durant ’99
Transition Specialist
Community Academy

Jean-Pierre Jacquet ’95
Upper School Dean of Students
Berkeley Carroll School

Ife Oyedele ’98
Administrator in Residence
Green Dot Public Schools

Samantha Salfity ’01
Program Educator
Museum of Science
Live Presentations Department


Dalinda Ifill ’99
Production Assistant