Eric Andrew ’94

“The premise is this: We lift as we climb,” says Eric Andrew, who commenced from Steppingstone in 1994. “I want to see other children receive the same benefits I got from Steppingstone. I owe just about everything I’ve accomplished to adults who were in positions, like I am now, to help. And how did I get those people in my life? Steppingstone.”

Today, more than 20 years after becoming a Steppingstone Scholar, Eric has graduated from Beaver Country Day School and Columbia University, and serves as Vice President of Institutional Client Management and VIP Operations at in New York City. And he stills makes it a priority to stay connected to and support Steppingstone.

“Steppingstone has been my lifelong key to success. It helped put me in a seat at a top independent school. It prepared me to pursue a degree at an Ivy League institution. And all of that opened up career opportunities in banking and private equity that I never could have imagined. I mean, I came from a lower-income family in Mattapan that hadn’t even heard of the Ivy League and had no idea what an investment bank was,” Eric says. “Steppingstone changed that.”

“Steppingstone opened up a whole new world for me. It took me out of a fishbowl and put me in the ocean, where the possibilities seem limitless.”

Alumni like Eric are not only benefactors but powerful role models for young Scholars today. Steppingstone’s roster is filled with hundreds of promising young people just like Eric, Scholars whom we are educating, supporting, and preparing for the same kind of success and generosity that Eric embodies.

Updated 3/10/2015