Sofia Teixeira ’94

The Importance of Education

Sofia Teixeira found Steppingstone thanks to her mother. After seeing a presentation about the program, she knew it was exactly what her young daughter needed to get on the path to college.

Sofia soon became a part of one of Steppingstone’s earliest classes of Scholars and her parents’ belief in the importance of education encouraged her to work hard and challenge herself, while Steppingstone taught her the importance of work ethic.

With these two supporting pillars and a lot of hard work, Sofia earned acceptance to The Rivers School.

Becoming a Leader

But Steppingstone didn’t only challenge Sofia academically. At Rivers, Sofia played field hockey and lacrosse, “both sports that I first gained exposure to my first summer as a Scholar, thanks to my advisor.”

With experience as a team-player and the confidence to be a leader, both nurtured by the guidance of Steppingstone and her parents, Sofia was accepted to Babson College with a full academic scholarship, and won a Women’s Leadership Award. She continued to play field hockey and lacrosse in college while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Management.

A Scholar At Large

Having remained close with Steppingstone even after college graduation, Sofia learned through Steppingstone’s network of connections of an internship opportunity working in PR in New York City. She jumped at the opportunity and soon found herself inspired to earn her MBA.

Once again earning a full merit scholarship, Sofia attended Pennsylvania State University. She graduated in 2012 with a job lined up at Kimberly-Clark Corporation where she “was invited to join the first class of their newly-created Leadership Development Program.”

Fulfilled by this role but hoping for more time with her family, Sofia returned to Boston as John Hancock’s first Head of U.S. Diversity and Inclusion. Her work now allows her to “focus on what I believe is a corporation’s most important asset: people.”

Sofia addresses the room at the Steppingstone’s 2019 Annual Meeting

Achieving the Impossible

Sofia is reconnecting with the program and was the Alumni Speaker at Steppingstone’s 2019 Annual Meeting. Speaking alongside Boston City Council President Andra Campbell, Sofia said, “Steppingstone gives children the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives before we are even old enough to know it’s happening.”

She continued, “We are taught that with hard work, with extra effort, with the right support and resources, we can achieve things that we never knew were possible.”