Alumni Profiles

Click here for a special spring 2020 spotlight featuring three of the many Steppingstone Alumni on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19: Ifeanyi Anidi ’96, Amanda Mitchell ’93, and Danielle Le Hals ’97.


Genesis Noelia De Santos Fragoso ’08

“Something I really want to emphasize is how important Steppingstone was in creating a path for me to get to Harvard and for me to get to where I am today.” Read more.




Sofia Teixeira ’94

“Steppingstone gives children the opportunity to change the trajectory of their lives before we are even old enough to know it’s happening.” Read more.





Justin Jimenez ’08

“I have a set of resources that will be there for a long time. Steppingstone has made a giant difference in my life.” Read more.





Angie Isaza-Loaiza ’06

“Both directly and indirectly, whenever I needed help, I knew I could ask Steppingstone to be there as a form of guidance for me.” Read more.






Jennifer Tran Ngo ’07

“After all of the late nights, homework assignments, and study halls, I felt incredibly accomplished.” Read more.





Darian Reid-Sturgis_home-teasers

Darian Reid-Sturgis ’99

“Steppingstone is a wonderful program that opens doors for kids who otherwise wouldn’t have such opportunities.” Read more.






Emeka Ekwelum ’02

“I saw hundreds of Scholars rising above adversity, doing extra homework, spending their summers taking classes, and working hard in school to get the best education they could so they could someday go to college. I thank Steppingstone for believing in us and giving us the opportunity for a great education and future.” Read more.





Jide Iruka ’98

“Without Steppingstone, a lot of the branches of my life wouldn’t exist.” Read more.






Eric Andrew_home-teasers

Eric Andrew ’94

“Steppingstone has been my lifelong key to success. It helped put me in a seat at a top independent school. It prepared me to pursue a degree at an Ivy League institution. And all of that opened up career opportunities in banking and private equity that I never could have imagined.” Read more.