Workforce Impact

“The impact of Steppingstone’s work extends well beyond what happens in the classroom. It prepares Scholars for life and careers. Workers today need resilience, critical thinking, and an ability to both communicate effectively and relate to people from a variety of backgrounds. We need to make sure our local communities are producing job-ready young professionals with these kinds of skills. Steppingstone helps us do that.”
                – Amanda NorthropState Street Foundation Vice President

Steppingstone Alumni are living proof that our program methods work. They begin preparing to be leaders as early as fifth grade, and their hard work pays dividends in the careers they launch and the professions they enter.

In a recent survey, Steppingstone found Alumni making their mark all over the professional map. Of those who responded to our poll:

  • 23% reported employment in finance/business
  • 22% in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields
  • 20% in education
  • 11% in administration/sales
  • 8% in non-profit organizations
  • 8% in arts/entertainment
  • 7% in law/law enforcement