Nominate a Student

If you are a student or the parent or guardian of a student who is interested in our program, please visit this link.


Nominations are a way for teachers, principals, and other community members to identify motivated students who would benefit from Steppingstone’s intensive academic programs. Students apply to Steppingstone in fourth or fifth grade and must also be Boston residents.

After a nomination is received, Steppingstone will send the student an information packet, an application, and an invitation to our Family Information Meetings (mailings will start to go out September/October). Nominated students are encouraged, but not required, to apply to Steppingstone. A nomination does not guarantee acceptance.

Up to three students may be submitted online at a time–if you would like to nominate more than three students online, please refresh the page after you submit. We will begin accepting applications for 2020 in the fall. If you have questions about The Steppingstone Academy, please call 617-423-6300 ext. 246. If you have questions about the College Success Academy, please call 617-423-6300 ext. 234.