Teaching Intern – Summer 2017

Position Overview

The summer internship at Steppingstone provides talented college students with an opportunity to learn about careers in education and the non-profit sector through firsthand experience working with children in an academically rigorous environment. This six-week internship grants significant exposure to different facets of Steppingstone programs, including direct curricular, non-curricular, and administrative support.

Participants work closely with other Steppingstone interns, staff, and faculty members on projects both in and outside of the classroom. Interns meet regularly with the Internship Coordinators and their mentor teacher or Advisor. Interns also attend and participate in weekly seminars on various relevant topics in education.

Eligible candidates should have completed their sophomore, junior, or senior year by the start of the internship. Though not a requirement, it is helpful for candidates to have attended an independent school or a Boston Public School. Interns will be placed in The Steppingstone Academy or College Success Academy, based on both interest and relevant experience. Please explore our website for more information about the programming offered at each site.

Teaching Focus

Teaching interns will be paired with a Lead Teacher. Teaching Interns will:

  • Co-teach one to two sections of a core subject class, a weekly elective and/or physical education class, including lesson preparation
  • Conduct structured observations of classes
  • Meet weekly with a mentor teacher for curriculum planning, development, and feedback
  • May assist with the proctoring of practice standardized tests
  • Provide supervision during study hall
  • Substitute teaching as needed

Advising Focus

Advising interns will be paired with a Lead Advisor who supports Scholars during the summer and academic year. Advising Interns will:

  • Assist Advisors by completing classroom observations to see how Scholars function in an academic setting
  • Meet regularly with a specific group of Scholars outside of class time
  • Meet regularly with Lead Advisor to discuss the progress of Scholars
  • Communicate with parents and teachers about the progress of these Scholars in and out of the classroom
  • Assist with data collection and documentation
  • Debrief minor behavior and academic infractions
  • Co-teach Challenges & Choices as well as aPlay classes with their Lead Advisor

Teaching and Advising Interns

Administrative Duties

  • Providing logistical support for the administrative staff, including distribution of materials and coverage of headquarters and office.


  • Meeting weekly for seminars and workshops with the Internship Coordinators and guest speakers/faculty
  • Reflecting on summer experience in writing and through conversations with Coordinators and other interns
  • Assisting in the supervision of arrival, dismissal, lunch, and recreational periods
  • Required duty as a bus monitor
  • Providing supervision during study hall
  • Attending faculty meetings


Applications are due January 31, 2017. Interviews will take place mid-February to mid-March. Hiring decisions will be made in mid-March.

Steppingstone summer session classes meet Monday through Friday for six weeks from July 5 through August 11. This commitment will also include orientation days in June. Interns will be paid a stipend of $2800 and an additional stipend for bus duty. Housing is not included.

Click links below to download an application

2017 Summer Internship Application
2017 Summer Internship Recommendation Form