Tutor Spotlight

Wendy StankoWendy Stanko

Hometown: Southbury, Connecticut
School: Boston College ’17
Major: Nursing

“Giving Scholars a place and an opportunity to work hard and succeed is what the College Success Academy stands for.”

Wendy reflects on her experience tutoring Scholars:

I really like the College Success Academy! I love what it stands for. College was my dream and I think everyone should strive for that. The kids are fantastic and they have so much potential so it’s just nice to see that they have the opportunity to fulfill that potential through CSA. I really like working with them, and at the end of the day I feel good about what I’m doing here.

CSA provides a community and environment for Scholars to learn, grow, and be motivated. Giving Scholars a place and an opportunity to work hard and succeed is what CSA stands for. At Steppingstone, Scholars get a lot of one-on-one attention, and the staff is super nice and they really care about the students. The Scholars form their own little community and it’s nice to learn in a community that you’re familiar with.

As a tutor, I like talking to Scholars about college and their future and all the potential that they have if they work hard. Since I’m a college student, they’ll ask me about my college life and I think by hearing my story they realize “Oh, I can do that too.” Going to college was my dream so I really want the same thing for them.