Tutor Spotlight

Kathy Wong

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
School: Boston College ’17
Major: Applied Psychology and Human Development & Biochemistry

“The College Success Academy helps bridge the achievement gap for those who are from low socioeconomic backgrounds or who are first generation students. As a first generation student, I know that there is a struggle in getting opportunities and help within the college systems. Steppingstone helps ameliorate these problems and gives students guidance on one of the paths to success.”

Kathy reflects on her experience tutoring Scholars:

I am enjoying the opportunity to embrace my role as a tutor by providing instruction on a subject I am passionate about: Science. I am learning a lot through the College Success Academy, such as teaching strategies, classroom management skills, and how to look at children holistically. I am grateful for this and know I will be able to use these skills in the future.

I was interested in working with the College Success Academy because I wanted experience providing coherent and clear instruction as well as working directly with students, learning about how they learn and how they work, and using what they value in life to help them understand scientific concepts. One highlight of my experience was watching the Scholars think of creative ways to make the most effective boat or floating device and witnessing them put it into action.