Tutor Spotlight

Emily Leen

Hometown: Salem, Connecticut
School: Boston College ’18
Major: Political Science

“It only takes one person to inspire a Scholar to keep improving, keep learning, and eventually go to college. It is my responsibility as a tutor to recognize that at any time I could serve as that one person for a Scholar.”

Emily reflects on her experience tutoring Scholars:

I have truly enjoyed my experience with the College Success Academy (CSA). I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I love coming in twice a week and being greeted by the Scholars who, even on the rainiest or longest of days, seem to each have more energy than all of the tutoring staff combined.

I was drawn to this position because it was an opportunity to have a genuinely positive impact on the Boston community. After learning about CSA, I was immediately intrigued by their main goal of getting the children of Boston excited about college at a very early age and getting them as academically prepared as possible.

My favorite part of CSA is forming personal relationships with Scholars. I probably have more fun at recess than the kids do sometimes. Just as the time is meant for them to relax after a long day of school, it is the perfect time for me to relax after a long day of classes. I have grown very fond of each and every one of the Scholars and I am excited on a weekly basis by the strides they make academically. There is nothing as satisfying as sharing an “I get it now!” moment with a Scholar I have been working with.