Tutor Spotlight

Emily Gaudiano

Hometown: Methuen, Massachusetts
Profession: Research Technician, Dana Farber Radiation Oncology Department

“If each tutor is able to influence just a few kids, all together a huge group of young minds has been influenced. Every little bit counts!”

Emily reflects on her experience tutoring Scholars:

My experience volunteering for the College Success Academy (CSA) was extremely rewarding. I worked with 5th grade students once a week during study hall, where I helped them with their homework. Scholars were curious, enthusiastic and always worked hard.

Steppingstone stood out to me as a volunteer opportunity because it not only helps students with academics in the short term, but follows them through high school with the goal of getting them into college.  I greatly value education so I believe Steppingstone was a perfect match for me.

The best highlights I have from CSA come from the opportunities I had to reward Scholars for their hard work, respect, and motivation. My favorite part of the program was showcase. I was happy each Scholar had his or her own time to present and show pride in what they had accomplished. All of the students put forth a lot of effort and definitely earned their place in the spotlight.