Tutor Spotlight Archive

Volunteer tutors at the College Success Academy support a positive climate, teach social-emotional skills, and work alongside professional teachers to provide individual attention to middle-school Scholars.


Emily LeenEmily Leen

Hometown: Salem, Connecticut
School: Boston College ’18
Major: Political Science

“It only takes one person to inspire a Scholar to keep improving, keep learning, and eventually go to college. It is my responsibility as a tutor to recognize that at any time I could serve as that one person for a Scholar.”

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Emily Gaudiano

Hometown: Methuen, Massachusetts
Profession: Research Technician, Dana Farber Radiation Oncology Department

“If each tutor is able to influence just a few kids, all together a huge group of young minds has been influenced. Every little bit counts!”

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LaKeisha St Joy

Hometown: Dorchester, Massachusetts
School: Boston College ’15
Major: Sociology

“She’s a good tutor. She makes learning fun!” – Kimora Mitchell, 5th grade Scholar

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Kathy Wong

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
School: Boston College ’17
Major: Applied Psychology and Human Development & Biochemistry

“The College Success Academy helps bridge the achievement gap for those who are from low socioeconomic backgrounds or who are first generation students.

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David Querusio

Hometown: Millis, Massachusetts
School: Boston College ’15
Major: English and Sociology

“I want to be something I can be proud of when I grow up, and Mr. Q tells me ‘Do what you love.’”–Nathan Cortez, 7th grade CSA Scholar 

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Wendy Stanko

Hometown: Southbury, Connecticut
School: Boston College ’17
Major: Nursing

“Giving Scholars a place and an opportunity to work hard and succeed is what the College Success Academy stands for.”

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