Tutor Spotlight

David QuerusioDQ pic2

Hometown: Millis, Massachusetts
School: Boston College ’15
Major: English and Sociology

“I want to be something I can be proud of when I grow up, and Mr. Q tells me ‘Do what you love.’”–Nathan Cortez, 7th grade CSA Scholar 

David reflects on his experience tutoring Scholars:

My favorite part of the College Success Academy is how many different people are involved–teachers, site coordinators, college students–there’re so many resources the kids can use. At CSA, a really cool, diverse group of people with different skills and backgrounds come together for this common goal of helping improve Scholar’s lives.

As a tutor, it’s been awesome seeing the kids grow, learn, mature, and become more adult-like. It’s a lot of fun and really rewarding to see them evolve and take what you’ve tried to help them with and apply it. I’ve also learned to appreciate what teachers do on a whole other level after seeing how much work, energy, and passion they put into the program. They’re awesome, and you can tell how much the kids really like them. Teachers are the backbone of this organization, and tutoring made me appreciate our education system and their role.

I definitely feel I have been able to make an impact while working at CSA. I like to push the Scholars and make them realize that they are as smart as they want to be and that they can live up to their potential, which is really awesome. CSA has such a specific long-term goal. The fact that these 5th, 6th, and 7th graders have college as their end trajectory makes a huge difference.