Tutor Spotlight

Volunteer tutors at the College Success Academy support a positive climate, teach social-emotional skills, and work alongside professional teachers to provide individual attention to middle-school Scholars.


Alicia Landry

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
School: Brookline High School

The College Success Academy is an incredible program, which affords students with resources to be successful that they otherwise may not have access to.”

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Jillian Giaccio

Hometown: Ivyland, Pennsylvania
School: Boston College ’18
Major: Political Science

I strongly believe in the value of education, so I wanted to be able to tutor students and support them on their way to college.”

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Nicholas Raposo

Hometown: Fall River, Massachusetts
School: Boston College ’18
Major: Nursing

The College Success Academy helps Boston Public School students think critically about their own lives and about how they can always strive to do and to be bigger than they might even imagine.”

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Rachel Vishanoff

Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma
School: Boston College
Major: English

There are a lot of decisions to be made in each of these Scholars’ lives, and the College Success Academy helps prepare them for those decisions, helps them think about those decisions, and supports them in those decisions. That is invaluable.”

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Emmy Ye

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
School: Boston College ’18
Major: Chemistry

I want to help every Scholar realize that they are capable of high achievement in high school, college, and beyond.

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Margaret Williams

Hometown: Silver Spring, Maryland
School: Boston College ’18
Major: Undecided – Interested in Education

There are so many resources through this program that expose Scholars to a rich scholastic environment. They are positively reinforced every day that YES they will go to college! YES they will graduate! and YES they will get a job! Establishing this goal early in life will shape how they make all other decisions that will benefit their ultimate goal of graduating from college.

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