Champion a Scholar

This is where I learned what hard work means, what resilience means, what integrity means. – Jeremy Guevara ’06

At Steppingstone, we know what it takes to earn a college degree. Motivation. Persistence. Hard Work. But that’s not all it takes.

It takes champions.

For students from historically marginalized communities, who may be the first in their families to attend college, these “champions” include dedicated teachers, trusted advisors, and tireless advocates. They also include supporters like you: donors who recognize the profound impact of setting more Boston students on the path to college.

It takes a decade.

Ten or more years of comprehensive preparation and tireless support. That’s what makes the difference for Steppingstone Scholars and yields the powerful results we see, year after year.

Steppingstone invests $25,000, over the course of that decade, to provide the academic preparation and advising, social-emotional counseling, college-planning and college-readiness services that one Scholar needs to complete a four-year degree.

It takes your commitment and vision.

When you champion a Scholar, you make one student’s ten-year journey to a college graduation day possible. And you help Steppingstone increase the number of students and families we serve. In return, you’ll forge a personal connection with an impressive young Scholar who has traveled far with Steppingstone.

Champion A Scholar is our way of bringing donors like you closer to the students we serve. Read about two of Steppingstone’s “Champion” Scholars: Bruna Lee and Jeremy Guevara. Or learn more about Steppingstone’s Champion A Scholar program by contacting Kate Wood, Chief Advancement Officer, at 617-423-6300 ext. 238 or