Donor Profiles

Jana Karp

Former member of the Board of Directors
Founder and Executive Director, Boston Youth Sanctuary

“25 years and THRIVING is an immense accomplishment in the non-profit world. The students whose lives have been touched by the gift that is Steppingstone are using what they have been given to make the world a better place – what more could we hope for?” Read more.



Brian and Karen Conway_home-teasersKaren & Brian Conway

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors
Donors since 1996

“I visit Steppingstone classes every summer, and am struck each time by how hard Scholars work at such a young age to achieve their goals and go to college.” Read more.



Jono Goldstein_home-teasersJonathan Goldstein

Member of the Board of Directors
Donor since 1999

“Steppingstone gives Scholars and families a way forward, helping them navigate the system and giving them the skills to compete in secondary school, college, and beyond.” Read more.



Pixley_home-teasersPixley Schiciano

Chair of the Board of Ambassadors
Donor since 1999

“When you contribute to Steppingstone, you have a clear impact on Scholars who are so deserving and thirsty to learn. It is easy to see what happens with your donation and how it directly affects Scholars.” Read more.