Jonathan Goldstein

Donor since 1999, Member of the Board of Directors


“Kaia and I have always found it appealing that Steppingstone helps families who have ambition, but don’t have the financial means or experience to maximize their outcomes in our educational system. Steppingstone gives Scholars and families a way forward, helping them navigate the system and giving them the skills to compete in secondary school, college, and beyond.

But Steppingstone is far from a handout. Scholars and families invest a lot of time and hard work in the program and in their own success. Steppingstone allows families with ambition and drive to fulfill their dreams regardless of their economic situation and to travel a path that might not have been available to them otherwise.”

Jono is a Senior Advisor at TA Associates and lives in Boston with wife, Kaia, and their children. Jono serves on the Board of Directors at Quotient Bioresearch, Senior Whole Health, and Twin Med, and in a variety of roles at MIT, his alma mater. He also serves on the Boards of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and the World Wide Web Foundation.