Pixley Schiciano

Donor since 1999, Chair of the Board of Ambassadors

“For me, there is nothing more exciting or inspiring than motivated students who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. When you contribute to Steppingstone, you have a clear impact on Scholars who are so deserving and thirsty to learn. It is easy to see what happens with your donation and how it directly affects Scholars.

I am always impressed with how Scholars and Alumni go on to impact their communities. Alumnus Darian Reid-Sturgis ’99 was my son’s Latin teacher at Roxbury Latin, and one of my daughter’s closest friends from Winsor is a Steppingstone Scholar. My family, along with the whole Boston community, has reaped the benefits of Steppingstone’s remarkable results.”

Pixley teaches at the Boston Ballet School and lives in Boston with husband, Ken. She has two children, Christina and Nick. This year, Nick is tutoring Scholars at The Steppingstone Academy.

Posted 6/22/15