Donors Speak

Pixley Schiciano
Donor since 1999, Member of Steppingstone’s Board of Ambassadors

“Steppingstone and the Scholars it serves are incredibly inspirational. I am frequently reminded why we care and why our philanthropic support matters. My daughter’s best friend is a Steppingstone Scholar. My son’s Latin teacher is also an alumnus of Steppingstone. So my family has benefited directly and personally from the impact that Steppingstone is making in the world. 

“I’m fortunate to have had wonderful opportunities in my life. What Steppingstone provides is the chance to spread opportunities to others. But aside from the great work, and it truly is remarkable work, the people who are drawn to this mission also inspire and impress me. I have the pleasure of sharing the passions of an entire community of committed people. And that’s just thrilling, rewarding, and easy. It gives me such a sense of fulfillment that I can honestly say to myself: ‘This is something I really want to go out and be a part of today.’”