Find out who is eligible, how and when to apply to one of Steppingstone's academies

Admission to The Steppingstone Academy or the College Success Academy is selective. The strongest candidates are hard-working, motivated Boston residents who enjoy being challenged and would benefit from an intensive academic program.

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When Steppingstone comes into the life of a Scholar, possibilities are changed. So are families. For generations.

When the envelope from The Roxbury Latin School arrived that cold Saturday in March, Monique Denaud watched anxiously as her son, Alvin, opened it, read it, and then broke into a smile. He’d done it. He’d gotten into one of the most selective and storied independent schools in Boston. And in that moment, Alvin’s mother, who came to Boston from Haiti, could see a future for her son that she’d scarcely imagined the year before.

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Steppingstone's two academies prepare Boston students for college success

The Steppingstone Academy and the College Success Academy prepare and support talented students from historically marginalized communities intent on getting their college degrees. The Steppingstone Academy serves middle-school students from Boston who plan to attend selective independent, Catholic or public exam schools. The College Success Academy serves middle-school students enrolled in partner public schools in Allston-Brighton and East Boston who plan to attend a district Boston public high school.

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Scholars go on to excel at the finest private and public schools in the Boston area

It’s not just about getting in. It’s about thriving and graduating. Steppingstone makes sure the right match is made between the schools we partner with and the students we prepare. Our dedicated team of advisors and counselors help Scholars make educational choices that are right for them and for their families.

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Committed Families. Diverse Backgrounds.

Because Steppingstone holds Scholars to high standards, families also make a serious commitment to the program.

Steppingstone Scholars come from low- to moderate-income families throughout the city of Boston. Race, ethnicity, and religion do not determine acceptance into our academies, but Steppingstone strives to serve Scholars from diverse backgrounds. Steppingstone families identify themselves as African-American (43%), Hispanic (26%), Asian-American (18%), multiracial (8%), and white (5%). While families come from many traditions and cultures, they all share our deep conviction that persistence and hard work can create opportunities, and that education is the key to their children’s futures.

Students’ individual academic records and their own willingness to work hard are crucial to their success, but the dedication of their family members is equally vital. Parents and guardians support their Scholars in completing assignments, attending classes, meeting expectations, and more. For families that share our passion for excellence and our high hopes for Scholars, Steppingstone becomes not only a resource, but a trusted ally and advocate.