Denaud Massenat Family

“I never would have known this kind of opportunity might be a possibility,” she says.

While Alvin Massenat’s acceptance at Roxbury Latin resulted from his own hard work as a Steppingstone Scholar, it is also the upshot of his family’s tireless efforts. In addition to caring for Alvin and his two sisters, Saika and Atamawa, Monique works at a nursing home in Brookline and is studying part-time to become a registered nurse. “Although it is sometimes hard,” she confides, “this is the time for me to help my kids find schools where they have the best chance at a future.”

When Alvin began his academic preparation with The Steppingstone Academy last July, Monique had hoped Steppingstone would give him the focus and confidence he needed to find a school that would both challenge and nurture him. It did. “The teachers and staff at Steppingstone were so helpful in organizing us and making us feel comfortable looking at different schools,” she observes. Currently a sixth-grader at the Rogers Middle School in Hyde Park, Alvin will bring his love of math, guitar, and running to the campus of RL as a seventh-grader this coming fall. A generous financial aid package will help make it possible. “Without Steppingstone, I never would have thought about trying to afford the cost,” notes Monique. “I can’t even really put into words how I feel,” she adds. “I’m trying to give my kids the best life possible. I had heard how great Steppingstone was. Now, I know it’s true.”