Independent School Placement Calendar

Families who choose to pursue independent schools learn that applying is a year-long process. Parents or guardians agree to attend a series of meetings and workshops, and make school visits in order to find appropriate schools for their Scholar. Throughout the year, families work closely with their Steppingstone Advisors to complete all aspects of the admission process. Below you will find a general timeline for this process.


During these months, families should:

• Review the school guide and call or write schools for catalogs and brochures
• Meet with your Advisor or a Steppingstone staff member to review the placement questionnaire, and to jointly establish a list of schools for families to investigate
• Attend the school fair hosted by Steppingstone


During these months, families should:

• Call to schedule appointments for tours and interviews at independent schools and to request application materials
• Visit Placement Schools and further research the schools in which you are interested
• Talk to other Steppingstone Scholars and families who attend placement schools
• Attend open houses and interviews at schools in which you are interested or to which you know you will apply
• Keep journals of your visits to independent schools to review at a later time, because keeping track of numerous school visits can get to be confusing
• Call Steppingstone to let us know the dates and times of your interviews
• Photocopy applications and begin drafting responses to short answer and essay questions
• Take the ISEE entrance exam in November (Scholars)
• Communicate regularly with your Advisor to share experiences at independent school visits, and report any changes to your school list and updates on Scholar’s school performance


These are two of the busiest months in the Steppingstone placement process.
Families should:

•Take the SSAT exam (A9 Scholars only)
• Continue interviewing at schools
• Attend Application and Financial Aid Workshop
• Schedule and attend one-on-one financial aid meetings with a Steppingstone staff member
• Submit recommendation forms to the Scholar’s current English and math teachers, and parents
ask schools to send their child’s academic records to Steppingstone
• Confirm with your Advisor the final list of four schools to which you will apply
• Submit drafts of applications and short answer/essay responses to the Steppingstone office
• Complete final applications once you have received feedback
• Submit final drafts of applications to Steppingstone in the last week of December


During this month, families should:

• Complete any outstanding interviews at schools
• Submit copies of all completed tax forms and W-2 forms to the Steppingstone office

Steppingstone staff will write letters of recommendation, put together complete application files, and compile financial aid information. Steppingstone sends out all complete application files prior to each school’s deadline!


The independent school applications are done—congratulations! Families should:

• Continue to research other school options (BPS, charter, pilot, parochial
• Encourage Scholars to continue working hard at school and at Steppingstone

*Schools mail their decision letters out on March 10th.*