Digging Deeper

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At Steppingstone, our work is informed and improved by the most important research and news in the fields of college readiness and college access. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve been reading–and influenced by–lately:

“Raising College Graduation Rates: A Conversation with Dana Dunn of UNCG” by Andrew Wolk for Root Cause

“At Boston’s Annual ‘Showcase,’ A Spectacle Of School Choice — And Parent Anxiety” by Max Larkin and Carrie Jung

“Homegrown Leadership” by Emily Boudreau for Harvard News


On Our Bookshelf

Read along with the Steppingstone community with our book of the month! This February, we’re reading Ghosts In The Schoolyard by Dr. Eve L Ewing. Dr. Ewing, who spoke at NPEA’s 11th Annual National Conference in 2019, is a poet, visual artist, essayist, sociologist, and educator based in Chicago.


Ghosts In The Schoolyard details the resistance efforts of the residents of Bronzeville, a historically significant African-American community on the South Side of Chicago, after they received notice that 53 schools in their district would be shuttered. This left approximately 12,000 children in the nation’s third-largest school district, including the children of Bronzeville, without schools due to what the city deemed budget limitations, building underutilization, and concerns about academic performance.



Keep in mind the following discussion questions to get you thinking as you read:
1. What are the differences between systemic and personal racism that are discussed in the book? Why is systemic racism so hard to fight?
2. What made the local public schools of Bronzeville such an integral part of the neighborhoods that made the community work so hard to keep them open?
3. How does this book affect your ideas of school choice and school funding? Should test scores be used to determine which schools close? Why or why not?
4. How does this book relate to the work being done at Steppingstone? What do you bring to this work?

Check back next month to see what we’re reading next.


Steppingstone’s national initiative, the National Partnership for Education Access (NPEA), provides professional development, research and data analysis, and the dissemination of best practices related to college readiness and college access.