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NPEA member range from academic enrichment programs to independent schools to college, but they all share a commitment to increasing educational opportunities for underrepresented students. NPEA member Learningworks at Blake is a Breakthrough Program located in Minneapolis, Minn.

LearningWorks at Blake

Date founded: 2000
Total number of students served: 600 students served since 2000
Students of minority background: 70%
Students admitted to 4-year colleges: 83%
Number of staff: 3 full-time, 35-40 teachers during academic year and summer
Other interesting/notable facts: Part of the Breakthrough Collaborative; 83% of our graduates elect to participate in our optional third year program.

Mission: LearningWorks (LW) offers a challenging academic enrichment program to a representative group of motivated, high potential middle school students from Minneapolis Public Schools, setting them on the path to college by preparing them to enter rigorous high school programs. We draw talented high school and college students into the education field by engaging them in the art of teaching.

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