NPEA members are committed to sharing information in a learning community and connecting with each other to share best practices. Our members fall into the following categories:

  • Organizational Members: nonprofit organizations and school-based programs that work to provide and expand educational opportunities for underrepresented students (e.g. academic enrichment, mentoring, college prep programs)
  • Supporting Institutions: college preparatory schools (independent, public, and charter), colleges/universities
  • Supporting Members: corporations, businesses, foundations, and associations committed to NPEA’s mission
  • Supporting Individuals: educators, nonprofit professionals, and others interested in supporting NPEA’s mission and participating in the NPEA community

“Teach For America became an NPEA member because we recognize the value of partnerships. We understand that we will not be able to close the achievement gap and impact change for our children in low-income communities without strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations. NPEA offers a multitude of valuable resources and relationships that TFA can utilize to continue to build awareness and join forces to end educational inequity.”

Stacey R. Thomas
Manager, National Alliances, Teach For America


Some NPEA members include: