NPEA Overview

NPEA members are united in their commitment to the following core values which define how we approach educational access and success, frame how we collectively serve underrepresented students, and are critical to our success in strengthening the path to and through college and beyond.

Student success is at the core of our partnerships.

Though our work is accomplished as a network of organizations, individual student achievement is the paramount benchmark of our collective impact.

Promoting educational equity is a moral imperative.

All students are equally deserving of the opportunity to succeed on the path to and through college. We readily embrace the responsibility to meet each student where they are in an effort to promote equity.

Our community of educators reaches students across the entire educational journey.

Frequent and ongoing collaboration across the K-16 spectrum deepens the reservoir of shared knowledge and relays invaluable insights among members.

We strive to be a diverse and inclusive community.

Appreciating a wide variety of perspectives encourages us to be reflective, obligates us to freely share who we are and what we know, and ensures every member has both a voice and a seat at the table.

We focus on measurable outcomes. 

We insist upon the rigorous collection, tracking, and analysis of data, both to objectively gauge our progress and to inspire a mode of continuous improvement for NPEA, our members, and the educational access field.

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