Scholar Spotlights

Jason Peña Rodas
College Success Academy, Grade 7

“Jason deserves the ‘Be More Accepting’ spotlight because he is a true and humble friend. Jason has never missed a day of CSA this year. He is very present at family meetings, field trips, and community potlucks. Jason is a good friend to all on the soccer field. He plays with Scholars regardless of their age, and gives his all regardless of how his teammates are playing.”

Dariana Arteaga
The Steppingstone Academy, Grade 12
College Success Academy, Intern

“Dariana always comes to CSA ready to work. She prioritizes the most important tasks and always makes sure that she completes all tasks by the end of the day. She takes time to build relationships with Scholars and talk to them about their day. There is never any doubt that Dariana has done her work throughly and to the best of her ability. Dariana’s contributions to the McKay Site are invaluable.”

Joshua Rodriguez
College Success Academy, Grade 5

“Joshua’s positive attitude radiates throughout the class, he always looks for the bright side of difficult situations. He encourages other Scholars to be positive and optimistic and he always shares a smile with everyone he meets.”

Genesis Hernandez
College Success Academy, Grade 8

“Genesis’s upbeat personality brightens up the whole classroom and brings a smile to everyone’s face with just one hug. She cares about the people around her, and when it comes to caring about schoolwork, she also puts time and effort to improve with optimism and bold step forward.”

Katherine Moreno
College Success Academy, Grade 5

“Katherine brings so much energy, focus, and engagement to class and study hall.  She fully enjoys her time with other Scholars during recess and snack, but then code switches when it comes to academics and is relentlessly focused on completing her work to the best of her ability. Katherine’s tenacious embodiment of this month’s motto, ‘Be More Focused,’ makes it clear to everyone around her that she realizes her journey to Yale, her dream college, starts now. Thank you, Katherine!  Your hard work is contagious!”

Irene Santos
College Success Academy, Grade 8

“Last month, Irene really embodied great participation, listening and attention, and was always on track during group-work time. She is an example of hard work in her own quiet way. She is not a loud person, but her focus leads other Scholars to follow her example! Keep it up Irene!”

Yofrandys Peña
The Steppingstone Academy, Grade 6

“Yofrandys earned the ‘Be More Focused’ spotlight for being reliably on task and helpful to others. During a workshop in the beginning of the month, Yofrandys impressed his math teacher when he was found patiently explaining ratios to younger Scholars who hadn’t yet learned the concept. As a member of the Steppingstone Leadership Council, Yofrandys is always pitching in with ideas that play to strengths of all of our members. Stay focused Yofrandys!”

Valeria Gil
The Steppingstone Academy, Grade 5

“Valeria earned the ‘Be More Kind’ spotlight for always lending a hand to her classmates. Valeria is a Scholar who consistently can be found explaining a problem to a peer or writing down the homework for an absent friend. When asked what was the best thing she’d learned at Steppingstone, Valeria replied that although there is a lot to choose from, she has really liked learning about things like bullying in her Challenges and Choices class. Valeria has done a great job embodying what it means to be respectful and supportive of others. Keep up the great work, Valeria!”