Scholar Profiles

Mary Medrano

The Steppingstone Academy ’11
Boston Latin Academy
Lesley University
Community Coordinator, Steppingstone

“Steppingstone is a home where I have people to look out for me.” Read more.



Bergeline Hilaire

College Success Academy, Class 1
Boston Community Leadership Academy

“Steppingstone is an ally. There’s always someone I can talk to to get help. Steppingstone has always been there and is a program I can always fall back on.” Read more.



Jefferson Veillard

The Steppingstone Academy ’12
The Fenn School
John D. O’Bryant School

“Working at Steppingstone during the academic year was a turning point for me because I grew to value engaging in communities and uplifting them.” Read more.


Elainny Guzman

College Success Academy, Class 8
Jackson/Mann K-8 School

“Steppingstone is a whole second family. You’re surrounded by people who care about you and there’s always someone there to help you. It feels amazing that everyone wants you to succeed.” Read more.


Kayson Cardoso & Joel JohnsonKayson-joel-home-teasers

College Success Academy, Class 4
Gardner Pilot Academy & Jackson/Mann K-8 School

“Now that we are Scholars, we are more focused on our work. We’ve started learning more, doing extra, and getting bonus points on everything. It’s educational and fun, and it helps us get good grades. Steppingstone pushes us to greatness!” Read more.



Trent Jones

The Steppingstone Academy ’06
Belmont Hill School Class of 2013
The George Washington University Class of 2017

“It’s hard to imagine my life now without Steppingstone. I hope the program will always remain an option for kids who want to change their futures. There are few organizations that have such a direct impact on their community.” Read more.



Marynee Pontes

The Steppingstone Academy ’05
Dana Hall School Class of 2012
Tufts University Class of 2016

“Steppingstone didn’t doubt for a second that I could thrive at the country’s most competitive colleges. They wanted to see me succeed and encouraged me to push myself.” Read more.


Aaliyana Abraham

College Success Academy, Class 2
Boston Latin Academy Class of 2020

“I learned to ask for help, and try again instead of just giving up.” Read more.