Aaliyana Abraham, Class 2

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Aaliyana with her mom, Farah

A seventh-grader at Gardner Pilot Academy, Aaliyana Abraham used to struggle in math. “When she started in the College Success Academy, she was not doing well in that subject,” her mother Farah recounts. Things had changed by August, however, after Aaliyana spent a rigorous summer studying with Steppingstone. Now, she gets top scores on her math assessments.

“I learned to ask for help, and try again instead of just giving up,” Aaliyana explains.

And her progress has continued. Her math teacher at the Gardner Pilot Academy reports strong and steady improvement. “I’ve seen that among many College Success Academy Scholars,” says teacher Kristin Shadford.

“Knowing that I don’t have to struggle with her, and she doesn’t have to struggle with math anymore, it’s a great, great help,” says Farah.

“The College Success Academy has made learning more fun and enjoyable for her.”

“I believe in my community,” Farah adds. “I’m from Boston public schools myself and I’m not willing to give it up, because I think Aaliyana can get ready for college in a public school, with the right kind of help.” The College Success Academy provides it, she says. “It’s been rewarding to me and to my daughter.”

Edited 3/18/2015