Kayson Cardoso & Joel Johnson

joel-home-teasersKayson and Joel are hardworking fifth graders who think science is “awesome!” and learning is fun.

They attend two different schools in Allston-Brighton, but see each other three times a week in their Steppingstone classes, where they’ve become best friends.

When they aren’t dreaming about joining the NBA or becoming world-famous soccer stars, they are hard at work focusing on their number one goal: Graduating from college.

We are grateful for Steppingstone because it helps us go to college. And we would LOVE to go to college! Steppingstone teaches us to be more knowledgeable, which is really important so we can have more opportunities in life. Now that we are Scholars, we are more focused on our work. We’ve started learning more, doing extra, and getting bonus points on everything. It’s educational and fun, and it helps us get good grades. Steppingstone pushes us to greatness!

Kayson Cardoso & Joel Johnson, College Success Academy Class 4


Posted 3/19/2015