Admissions Season, 2015

February and March are two of our busiest and most rewarding months at Steppingstone, as we meet and interview hundreds of prospective students. Families braved freezing temperatures and record snowfall to make it to our office this year, showing true commitment to our programs and their educational goals.

The interview stage is crucial to the admissions process, because it allows both staff members and families to determine if our programs are a good fit. Throughout the admissions process, we are looking for:

  • hard-working students who are eager to learn and enjoy being challenged;
  • parents or guardians who will make a commitment to Steppingstone and be actively involved in their student’s education;
  • families who have the greatest need for our free services, and would not be able to access similar resources on their own.

The 2015 admissions season has been particularly exciting, because the College Success Academy is preparing to expand into East Boston and serve an additional group of students. We’ve been thrilled by the enthusiasm shown by East Boston families, and have already met dozens of students from our newest partner school, the Donald McKay K-8.

Final admissions decisions will be made over the coming weeks, and incoming Scholars will be welcomed to their first Steppingstone classes this July.