Berylson Family Academy

High-Quality Summer Learning

Without access to summer learning opportunities, students from historically marginalized communities can fall far behind their peers. To help close this opportunity gap, Steppingstone runs the Berylson Family Academy @ Steppingstone, a six-week summer program that reaches hundreds of Boston students each year.

Since 1990, providing high-quality summer learning has been a keystone of Steppingstone’s work. Scholars in both The Steppingstone Academy (TSA) and the College Success Academy (CSA) begin their Steppingstone journeys by attending the Berylson Family Academy when they are in fifth or sixth grade. During July and August, they dedicate their summer vacations to furthering their education—attending Steppingstone classes, exploring new subjects, honing their study skills, and more.

We are pleased to publicly recognize the generosity of the Berylson family, some of Steppingstone’s most dedicated supporters, by naming our summer programming in their honor.