College Success

Steppingstone’s College Success department supports and assists Scholars transitioning from high school to college, as well as current undergraduates. Nearly 400 Steppingstone Scholars are enrolled at more than 100 universities across the country. We use three measures for defining their success in college:

Graduating College

Receiving your diploma in four to six years puts you on the fast track for success in the workplace and drastically reduces the cost of college.

Avoiding Burdensome Debt

Most Scholars and their families will need to use loans to help pay for college.  Access to financial guidance for students and families has a big impact on graduation rates and future opportunities.

Getting the Opportunity and Job of your Dreams

Going to college provides the education you need to create the life you want.  Getting your first big internship, opportunity, or job will help you turn your dreams into a reality.  Steppingstone has an incredible network of Alumni and friends that can help you along the way.

College Services offers personalized guidance, workshops, mentoring programs, and more to help scholars get the most out of their college experience. Services includes:

  • Financial Aid Counseling
  • Individual Advising to all Scholars
  • Pre-College Support Programs
  • Personal Finance Training
  • Internship, opportunity, and job search support
  • Connecting to the Steppingstone Alumni Network
  • College transfer support and advising
  • Networking and Social Events

For more information on College Services, please contact Matt Waldman at mwaldman@tsf org.

Learn more about the college services provided by Steppingstone from Scholars: