College Freshman 101 Workshops

Steppingstone Scholars who have graduated high school and plan to enroll in college this fall can take advantage of the following workshops on the nuts and bolts of a successful transition.

Personal Finance for College Students

Understanding your finances (especially in college) is no easy task.  This workshop will outline the most important steps you can take now to create a bright financial outlook. You will learn about:

  • Planning your financial growth
  • Credit, banking, and financial options
  • How college loan choices affect your financial future
  • The financial pitfalls to avoid during college

How Steppingstone Scholars Get Ahead in College

New classes, different styles of teaching and learning, and unfamiliar settings are challenges for everyone.  This workshop will help you figure out your personalized plan for success by looking at the best practices of college students and finding out what works for you. You will learn how to:

  • Navigate the maze of college resources
  • Start your college career the right way

Building Your Professional Network

This workshop will show you the latest best practices for creating resumes and cover letters.  Then, you will start to build your professional network online by connecting with fellow college students and professionals. You will: 

  • Learn how professionals network
  • Create networking tools
  • Start finding peers and mentors