Henry Kwan ’07 and Jaemin Woo ’07

Henry Kwan and Jaemin Woo, graduates of the Boston Latin School, commenced from The Steppingstone Academy in 2007. With the help of Posse scholarships, they are now in their sophomore year of college. Henry attends Bucknell University as an engineering major, while Jaemin attends Hamilton College, where he studies economics.

Both Scholars distinguished themselves as leaders in high school. In addition to excelling academically, Henry became a classical pianist, while Jaemin joined the volleyball team and played tuba in the school band. But their achievements extend well beyond the classroom, the court or the concert hall. They also spent hundreds of hours tutoring other students, performing community service, and working weekend jobs.

What helped these Scholars prepare for and realize their success? What advice do they have for other Steppingstone Scholars on the path to college? 


“Find something you are interested in, really pursue it, and do it well.”

When he was interviewing with colleges, Henry realized that “what you talk about are not the straight A’s, but the things you’ve done that have changed you.” Because the activities that students pursue often define and shape them, it’s important for college applicants to talk about their passions and interests. This gives admission counselors a better window into who you are as an individual, Henry notes.



jeamin-woo-scholar-team-members-etc“I’d tell people to not give up and to find the things that motivate them.”

Determined and resourceful, Jaemin didn’t give up when faced with obstacles during his early years at the Boston Latin School. “You need to put yourself out there more,” he says. “That’s what helped me. I joined the volleyball team, participated in clubs, and met a lot of people.” By making an effort to become part of the BLS community, Jaemin found the motivation to commit to the school’s rigorous curriculum. Participating in fun activities like volleyball and band gave him room to relax and enjoy himself, which Jaemin says offers an outlet for students who spend so much time focusing on academics.


Edited 1/13/2015