advisor-summer 2013-home-teasersIn Boston, fewer than 20% of district high-school graduates complete a four-year college degree.* At Steppingstone, we’re not willing to accept that statistic. So we provide free college-access programs to families who dream of college for their children, but face serious obstacles. It’s our job to help Scholars navigate those barriers on the way to fulfilling their own high aspirations.

With Steppingstone’s rigorous preparation and sustained support, Scholars earn higher grades and test scores, have better school attendance, and are more confident in their ability to succeed in school and college.

“The benefit of Steppingstone extends beyond the individual Scholars, creating a multiplier effect that positively impacts their schools, peers, families, and the generations to come. Whether motivating their siblings to work hard in school, serving as leaders in the workplace and their communities, or one day setting the example for their own children to go to college. Steppingstone Scholars make a meaningful difference in society.”

William R. Fitzsimmons, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Harvard College, and Steppingstone Advisory Board member

Of the 1,805 Scholars who have completed The Steppingstone Academy’s academic preparation component since 1991:

90% have been admitted to a competitive middle or high school (37% accepted to independent schools, 63% at public exam schools).

99% have graduated high school.

92% have enrolled in a four-year college.

80% of those who enrolled in college have graduated within six years. That’s well above national and local rates, especially for their demographic group.

rootcause_PPE_highperf_2.2014-2.2016_3inch_72dpi_rgb_transparentIn 2014, The Steppingstone Academy was awarded Root Cause’s top “High Performer” rating in recognition of our college access and success services. Root Cause conducts comprehensive and independent analysis for nonprofits committed to improving their programs. Out of the national study, The Steppingstone Academy was one of only four organizations to receive “High Performer” status. Root Cause commended The Steppingstone Academy for being “one of the most data-driven organizations in the cohort,” and for beginning our work with Scholars at such a young age. Read more about the study here.


*Getting Closer to the Finish Line, Northeastern University, Center for Labor Market Studies, 2013