Summer Highlights

The summer of 2013 drew to a close after six weeks of concentrated effort and serious fun on the campus of Milton Academy. Nearly 330 Scholars in both The Steppingstone Academy and the College Success Academy each put in about 200 hours of extra learning time this summer, sharpening their reading, language, and math skills; readying themselves for the start of a new school year; and making new strides along the pathway to college.

What did they learn? And enjoy most? We polled them to find out. Here is just a sampling of the subject matter and activities that Scholars gave their highest marks to:

  • Making ice cream in science class, while studying exothermic and endothermic reactions
  • Examining pond water under microscopes, to study, insects, cells, and bacteria
  • Working as a team to solve really long math equations using PEMDAS
  • Playing charades as part of the Latin and Greek Roots Challenge
  • Singing in Latin class
  • Studying current and historical events in Perspectives class
  • Discussing the Bill of Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Researching climate change and making presentations about their findings using PowerPoint

On Saturday, August 17, 123 Scholars commenced from The Steppingstone Academy, setting out on the next phase of their educational journeys. They are studying at 23 different independent, Catholic, and public exam schools this academic year. As Gianni Pisano, an Academy 7 Scholar who commenced this August, observes: “Steppingstone has made school enjoyable for me, something fun. I have a passion for learning now, thanks to Steppingstone. So when September comes, I’ll be ready.” Gianni started at Boston Trinity Academy this fall.