Summer 2014 TA/Intern Spotlight

Yvonne TranYvonne Tran 2

Hometown: Dorchester, MA
Current top three colleges I’d like to attend:Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston University
Favorite Hobbies: Creative writing, song writing, theatre, and drawing
Favorite Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde
Super Power: Teleportation
Interesting fact: I have written a song about the pancreas, and another about the hallux (which is your big toe!).
Why I work with Steppingstone: I want to work with the College Success Academy because I want to give back to the Steppingstone community and to have the privilege of working with motivated Scholars. I want to bring Scholars one step closer to their goals by helping them master academic skills, such as note taking and timeliness.
My favorite part: The people–I love the Scholars and I love the company of the staff.

Ms. Volker_editedVictoria Volker

Hometown: Buda, TX
Education: Wellesley College
Hobbies: Reading, thrift/antique shopping, exploring new places
Movie: Psycho
Book: Middlesex by Jeffery Euigines
Super Power: My one superpower would be to be able to apparate. I know it’s a Harry Potter skill and not a superpower…but I still think it’d be pretty cool!
Interesting fact: I have three tattoos that all honor important and influential women in my life
Why I work with Steppingstone: As a future teacher, I was interested in an opportunity to begin teaching–and to work in an environment that I was unfamiliar with. As a native Texan, the idea of working in Boston and meeting students from an entirely different background was deeply inspiring and intriguing to me.
One highlight so far: Learning what it feels like to have students see you as a mentor and an educator from whom they can learn. It’s the first time anyone has called me “Ms. Volker”! When students are excited to see me in the morning or are eager to share their thoughts with me- it just warms my heart!
My favorite part: Experiencing our novel (I teach reading) alongside the Scholars. Getting to discuss literature with them is the best part of my day!