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The Steppingstone Journey: Support It Today


Phi_Appeal Web ImageIt starts at age 10, when an aspiring Scholar like Phi Tran applies to Steppingstone with the firm hope of going to college and, as he told us in 2003, making his mother proud. It continues, with rigorous academic preparation and tireless support, the kind you don’t forget, which explains why, 10 years later, Miranda Haymon, still keeps her Steppingstone binder. Maybe you go on to a great independent school, like Milton Academy, where Javon Ryan mastered Latin, having first studied the language at Steppingstone. Maybe you gain entrance to a public exam school, such as Boston Latin Academy, where Andrés Cardona stoked his passion for math and science.  

Miranda_Appeal ImageWherever you studied before college, you counted on Steppingstone to help guide you. Together, you selected the right schools and navigated the complexities of the college process. But your arrival on a college campus didn’t mark the end of your Steppingstone journey. You kept coming back, maybe to teach, as Andrés  does. Or maybe to learn job search skills, as Shawnna Thomas continues to do. 

What you’ve found, 10 or even 20 years in, is that the Steppingstone journey never really ends. As Andrés says: “Once a Scholar, always a Scholar.”

Andres_Appeal Web ImageThis is the journey our donors make happen. Please support our Annual Fund with a year-end gift to Steppingstone today. Help more Boston students–younger Scholars who aspire to follow in the footsteps of Javon and Miranda, who are working toward the same goals as Phi or Andrés or Shawnna–realize their dreams of going to college. A gift of any size matters.

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