Why teach with Steppingstone?

If you’re passionate about teaching and you’re interested in bringing educational opportunities to Boston students, then you should consider applying for a faculty position at Steppingstone.

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An Inside Look at Teaching with Steppingstone

As essential members of the Steppingstone community, teachers have a unique perspective on Steppingstone’s programs.

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Tell us about a motivated Boston student who's ready for a challenge

If you know a hard-working student who ought to be college-bound, and would benefit from the rigors of Steppingstone, we’d like to hear from you. Steppingstone welcomes recommendations and nominations from teachers, counselors, coaches, and members of the public.

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Steppingstone's two academies prepare Boston students for college success

The Steppingstone Academy and the College Success Academy prepare and support talented students from historically marginalized communities intent on getting their college degrees. The Steppingstone Academy serves middle-school students from Boston who plan to attend selective independent, Catholic or public exam schools. The College Success Academy serves middle-school students enrolled in partner public schools in Allston-Brighton and East Boston who plan to attend a district Boston public high school.

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Dedicated. Experienced. Passionate.

Steppingstone teachers come from backgrounds as diverse as the Scholars we serve. And they share a passion for learning as well as teaching. Their commitment to increasing educational access and improving educational opportunities for underserved students often drives their dedication to working with Steppingstone Scholars.

The Steppingstone faculty includes Steppingstone alumni as well as seasoned educators, who often teach at the partner schools with which we work. Because of our small classes, Steppingstone faculty members get to know their students individually, and these close relationships can last well beyond the day Scholars receive their diplomas.