Chuks Ekwelum ’00

What Chuks Learned While Teaching with Steppingstone

“Steppingstone opened a lot of doors for me and exposed me to a world of academia I didn’t know existed,” explains Chuks Ekwelum ’00. That’s why he returned to teach at The Steppingstone Academy during last year’s summer session. Scholars’ rejuvenating energy and enthusiasm for college were two more reasons he came back to Steppingstone. “It made me feel young!” he laughs.

Currently working at Codman Academy as a 10th grade humanities teacher, Chuks credits his work with Scholars for giving him “a really big advantage” as an educator. While teaching with Steppingstone, he gained experience planning and pacing daily lessons, being creative and patient in the classroom, and tailoring lessons for specific students. The dedication of fellow faculty members and their willingness to collaborate have really helped him learn to teach, he says.

To other educators considering joining the Steppingstone staff, Chuks offers this advice: “Do it with an open mind. Expect nothing. Anticipate everything.”