Why Teach at Steppingstone?

“Scholars are fun and bright but they are coming from a city where college access isn’t a reality for all students. The opportunity to make this a reality for a wide range of kids is really phenomenal and super exciting.”

Laniesha Gray, Steppingstone Academy English Teacher and Steppingstone Class of 2000 Alumna

Top Twelve Reasons to Teach with Steppingstone

1. Steppingstone’s mission: Helping Boston students prepare for college success!
2. Motivated and enthusiastic students who want to be learning
3. Small class size (10-15 students per section)
4. Students from a range of cultural backgrounds
5. Rich and innovative curriculum
6. Rigorous and consistent expectations
7. Collaborative culture
8. Opportunities for professional feedback and growth
9. Meeting colleagues from other schools and organizations
10. Minimal extra responsibilities, allowing teachers to focus on teaching
11. A beautiful and replenishing summer teaching environment
12. The chance to work within Boston Public Schools during the academic year

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Why do Teachers Come Back Each Year?

We are proud that many of our faculty members return, year after year, to be part of the Steppingstone teaching community. Why do they come back? Find out here.

An Inside Look at Teaching with Steppingstone

As essential members of the Steppingstone community, teachers have a unique perspective on Steppingstone’s programs. Read about teachers’ experiences with Steppingstone here.

Faculty Members of the Week

Each summer, the Steppingstone community honors faculty members who’ve had a powerful impact on the Scholars we serve. Read past spotlights here.

Teach with Steppingstone

If you’re passionate about teaching and you’re interested in bringing educational opportunities to Boston students, then you should consider applying for a faculty position at Steppingstone. Read about our academic year and summer teaching opportunities, and if you have questions, reach out to Jane Ventrone, Senior Director of Teaching and Learning (jventrone@tsf.org or 617-423-6300 x242). We accept teaching applications throughout the year. Any positions we are actively hiring for can be found on our career page.