Why do teachers come back each year?

Kara Guillory

“Seeing how excited Scholars get about learning and how they choose to do their best to thrive here is really inspiring. I always come back to Steppingstone because it feels like a utopia. I have a supportive faculty and staff around me, the Scholars are amazing, and the environment and culture feel so rich. It’s a wonderful thing to be part of.”
Writing Teacher, The Steppingstone Academy 


Anthony Mathieu ’02

“If I had anything I could say to prospective teachers thinking about teaching with Steppingstone, it would be this: The impact you have can carry on through a lifetime.”
English Teacher, College Success Academy, and Steppingstone Alumnus


 Phil Manna

“The reason I’m coming back is because teaching at Steppingstone is fun. The classes are small, the curriculum is rich, the students want to learn, and I get to play kickball in the afternoon.”
Science Teacher, College Success Academy 


Stephanie Chmura

“It’s so great to work with students who are eager to learn more and want to be challenged. Even though it’s summer time, the students have a genuine interest in the content and enjoy being there. They also are all very supportive of one another and want everyone to succeed.”
Math Teacher, The Steppingstone Academy