Financial Aid Counseling

In 2012, Steppingstone Scholars attending independent and Catholic schools received $7 million in financial aid. Those enrolled in college were awarded millions more. While Steppingstone does not award financial scholarships, it does help Scholars and families participating in its programs qualify for them. Applying for financial aid, and successfully demonstrating need, can be both necessary and complicated. That’s why Steppingstone’s knowledgeable staff takes families step-by-step through process, when and whether their students are applying to private schools or to college.

Financial aid workshops held each November help orient and inform families with middle-school or high-school-age children enrolled in our programs. Steppingstone staff also meet with families one-on-one to discuss individual circumstances and answer questions. This past year, more than 260 Scholars and families received financial-aid counseling from Steppingstone.

Scholars enrolled in independent and Catholic schools continue to receive financial-aid counseling from Steppingstone staff throughout their middle-school and high-school years. Additionally, our College Services team assists Scholars and their families applying for financial aid during their undergraduate years. Financial-aid and personal-finance workshops help prepare Scholars to address issues they may encounter in college. Families are encouraged to schedule individual meetings with College Services staff to discuss any financial aid concerns that may arise throughout a Scholar’s undergraduate career.